Hidden Gardens and Courtyards of Wirksworth

Loving your garden, sharing your garden

  • Ticket Sales - Tickets will be sold at three locations in the Town.
    •  If you arrive by train, you will find Tickets for Sale at Green Gates, Coldwell Street, as you walk into the town.
    • In the centre of the town tickets will be sold at Marsdens', with a flag outside to mark the spot, Or opposite the Memorial Gardens in front of Waltham House,  again marked by a flag

  • Ticket Prices
    • Tickets will be £5.
      Under 16's  will not be charged if accompanied by an adult 

  • Toilets
    • The public toilets in Wirksworth are not open but toilets are available at a number of venues, which are marked on the Trail Map.  On arrival if you need toilets, The Feather Star, Market Place, DE4 4ET,  has toilets available, as does the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, DE4 4FB. There is also toilets available at Green Gates where tickets are being sold 

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Welcome back. We are delighted that Wirksworth Hidden Courtyards and Gardens will be opening again this year. Looking better than ever

Hidden Gardens and Courtyards of Wirksworth

Event Information 2024 The gardens will be open for two days across the weekend, with many old gardens and courtyards looking better than ever, and many new gardens and courtyards never before seen. This year the gardens are open between 11.00am and 4.00pm

  • Date: 29/06/2024 11:00 AM - 30/06/2024 04:00 PM
  • Location: Wirksworth, Matlock, UK (Map)

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Donations to support groups
 We  have raised a huge amount of money – starting in 2009 with £1000, and in the last few years raising between £4000 and £5000, all which is donated to good causes.
A huge amount of the money raised has been by the efforts of all those who bake tirelessly to meet our desire for great home baking
Donations have been made to: 
Danceability – Learning through arts
Donation for a bench in the grounds of St Mary's Church Wirksworth Colts
Wirksworth Skate Park
Wirksworth Youth Cricket
Wirksworth pre-school playgroup boiler fund 

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